Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Is Reality: A Life Insurance Ad

Many employees, whether in the government or in the private sector, rely on employer benefits like PhilHealth and HMOs. Some are very confident and say that they also have more than enough cash to get them through life's events. Yes, they have the right to be confident. Majority of us doesn't spend our hours in a hospital bed and because we are healthy we are drawn into complacency, believing that nothing can cripple us. It is in this context that this ad by an insurance company caught my attention. The ad shows a hospital bill that is more than half a million pesos and that the patient is only in his 30's and has a family. He was supposedly healthy. Please think about that for a second.

This however is an all too familiar story. A lot of Filipinos does not realize that they are just one illness away from financial disaster. This blog can't say this enough: get a life insurance policy with a critical illness rider and protect yourself and your family from financial disaster. Do that and you'll be glad read this post from Life Insurance And Mutual Funds

I was not paid to post this picture. It just captures the point why a person should have a life insurance policy that is why uploaded it here. If a representative of the said insurance company thinks that this blog should not show this ad please say so and I will remove it. Namaste!

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