Thursday, January 17, 2013

Accredited Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines

Many times in the course of my conversation with prospective clients for life insurance solutions, the issue of trust with the company I'm representing is brought out. Clients are well informed about what is happening especially now with the use of the Internet. One way to address this issue is to show legitimacy of the operation of the company by showing a list of accredited life insurance companies operating here in our country. A list that must be shown to the client is the one made by the Insurance Commission. The list shows 111 insurance companies covering life and non-life, composite, and servicing companies. For our purpose I will just show you the ones accredited for the life insurance sector.

Here are the accredited companies by the Insurance Commission:
  1. Banclife Insurance Co. Inc.
  2. Beneficial Life Insurance Co. Inc.
  3. BF Life Insurance Corporation
  4. BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation
  5. Caritas Life Insurance Corporation
  6. Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
  7. Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation
  8. First Life Insurance Company, Inc.
  9. Fortune Life Insurance Company, Inc.
  10. Generali Pilipinas Life Assurance Company, Inc.
  11. Great Life Financial Assurance Corporation
  12. Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd.
  13. Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation
  14. Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, Inc.]
  15. Manulife Chinabank Life Assurance Corporation
  16. National Life Insurance Company of the Philippines
  17. Philam Equitable Life Assurance Company, Inc.
  18. Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation
  19. Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corporation
  20. Philippines International Life Insurance 
  21. Pioneer Life Inc.
  22. PNB Life Insurance Inc.
  23. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc.
  24. Pru Life Insurance Corporation of U.K.
  25. Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corporation
  26. Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc.
  27. Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc.
  28. United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation
  29. United Life Assurance Corporation
There you have it, the accredited life insurance companies of the Philippines.
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lady said...

There is lots of insurance company in the Philippines but only some of them can give good services. One of them that has the best services in terms of insurance is PPLIC

mhik said...

PPLIC ​is a reputable 100% Filipino-owned financial services company committed to providing the best financial advice and diversified and affordable products — such as endowment plans, whole life plans, group and permanent plans, healthcare coverage, education and pension policies and Credit Life Insurance — to its valued clients through its multiple and accessible distribution channels.

Victor La Madrid said...

@lady & mhik...thank you so much for your comments! :-)

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